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19th Century maps of Regions of the United States

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From Michel-Guillaume Saint Jean De Crevecoeur's Voyage dans la Haute Pennsylvanie. Paris: Crapelet, 1801. Engravings by P.F. Tardieu. Folds as issued. Very good condition.

Detailed maps of regions of the United States issued just at the beginning of the nineteenth century. These maps were made to accompany Crevecoeur's work on his travels through the United States. Of particular note are the many roads cris-crossing the region, presenting an important aspect of economic, military, and social life of the period. Wonderful maps from the nascent days of the United States.

"The Eastern States with Part of Canada." from Brooke's General Gazetteer Improved. Philadelphia & Richmond: Johnson & Warner, 1812. 7 1/2 x 9 1/2. Engraving. Trimmed to top neatline. A few minor stains. Else very good condition.

A map from a series of four regional maps from Dr. R. Brooke's gazetteer of the world. Detail focuses on rivers and state or territorical borders. Major towns and topographical features are also given. An interesting example of early American cartography, showing from Pennsylvania to the "District of Maine", as well as the surrounding regions of Canada. $225

Thompson Southeast
John Thomson. "Southern Provinces of the United States." From A New General Atlas. Edinburgh: J. Thomson, 1817. 19 1/2 x 23 1/4. Engraving by Hewitt. Full original hand color. Full margins. Very good condition. Inset view of "Characteristic Scenery of the Hudson River."

In the early nineteenth century, the British cartographic publishers were producing the finest maps in the world. John Thomson, working in Edinburgh, was one of the leading British cartographers and his maps are good evidence of the quality of work issued in Great Britain at the time. This striking map of the southeastern U.S. is an particularly good example of his work. It was issued at an interesting period in the history of the American southeast. The state of Georgia is of particular note, for its borders are shown as they were in 1798 just before the Mississippi Territory was established, extending from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. It is not unusual for a British map maker to be late in reflecting internal American information on his maps, but the nearly twenty year lapse here makes one wonder whether Thomson was in fact a Georgian chauvinist. While somewhat anachronistic, the information of settlements, rivers, mountains, and ethnological details is fascinating. Overall, a fine map of the American southeast. $1,200

Philippe Vander Maelen. [Mid-Atlantic coast, from Cape Cod to northern North Carolina] Amerique Septentrionale; No. 51. From Atlas Universel. Brussels: P. Vander Maelen, 1827. 18 x 19. Lithograph by H. Ode. Original outline hand coloring. Very good condition.

A finely executed and very detailed map from Vander Maelen's monumental atlas of 1827, the Atlas Universel. This atlas was one of the most remarkable world atlases ever produced, anticipating the International Map of the World and being the first atlas to show the entire land mass of the world on a uniform scale. The entire atlas consisted of 400 maps drawn on a scale of ca. 1:1.6 million, with as precise and accurate information as was then available. This atlas was also the first to be made totally with lithography, each map precisely drawn by H. Ode. This map shows Mississippi and the surrounding regions of Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. Information includes towns, rivers and lakes, roads, and topography. An interesting map of a quality well before its time. $425

Other maps available from Vander Maelen's Atlas Universel. All are 18 x 19" lithographs by H. Ode with outline color, in very good to excellent condition unless noted otherwise.

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