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Philadelphia Print Shop Recognized by US DOE for Wind Energy Purchase

Chris Lane at Clean Air Council event
The Philadelphia Print Shop, Ltd. of the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, PA was recognized by the US Department of Energy at Clean Air Council's 5K Run for Clean Air on Saturday, April 20th for its recent purchase of 100% wind energy. Through this commitment, the Philadelphia Print Shop joins Pennsylvania business leaders who have chosen to purchase clean, renewable wind energy.

Wind energy is the world's fastest growing renewable energy source. Wind power turbines generate electricity with no fuel and no emissions. Therefore, unlike other energy sources there is no waste product or pollution.

Pennsylvania is the leader in the eastern United States for wind energy production. The newest wind farms opened in October 2001 at Somerset and Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Print Shop has recognized the environmental benefits of creating and supporting a renewable energy market. Chris Lane remarked, "One of the lessons we have learned at the Philadelphia Print Shop, through our involvement with history, is that one cannot focus only on the present day, but we must think about issues in a context of our past and our future. Without question, we need to be concerned with the prospect for our society in terms of the environment, specially with reference to the use of non-renewable energy sources. We feel that long term benefits of helping to support the Pennsylvania wind-power program far outweigh the relatively small present-day costs."

Wind energy differs from coal or nuclear power in that it does not contribute to carbon dioxide contamination that plays a role in global warming. Pennsylvania currently ranks third in the U.S. for carbon dioxide emissions. Wind energy also has no dangerous byproducts or harmful emissions, things that are common to coal and nuclear power. Aside from its environmental benefits wind energy allows energy generation to be diversified and independent.

"As a life long Chestnut Hill resident, I am proud that The Philadelphia Print Shop is leading the local business community with this commitment to the environment," says Joseph Otis Minott, Executive Director of Clean Air Council which manages the Pennsylvania Wind Campaign. The Campaign encourages businesses and residents statewide to purchase wind energy.

The environmental benefits of wind purchase are substantial. Based on a 1.5MW turbine, the environmental offsets include preventing over 1 million pounds of coal from being mined and more than 4 million pounds of carbon dioxide (a major contributor to global warming and climate change) from polluting our air. One turbine will keep 36,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide (the leading contributor to acid rain) and over 11,000 pounds of nitrous oxides (a contributor to smog and regional haze) form entering the earth's atmosphere. To put this in perspective, the environmental offsets of one wind turbine are equivalent to planting over 300,000 trees or driving over 400,000 miles less.

To find out how you or your business can take advantage of this environmentally friendly energy, call the Pennsylvania Wind Campaign at 215-567-4004 ext. 271.


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