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Piranesi's Villa of Maecenas (Interior)

Piranesi Architectural Prints


Prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

[ Antichita Romane | Vedute di Roma | Vasi ... ed ornamenti antichi | Pompeii ]

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-78) is renowned for his splendid views of ancient and modern Rome. In a life time dedicated to recording these magnificent buildings and mysterious ruins, he created a prodigious oeuvre of dramatic and moving images. The large scale Vedute di Roma is one of the best known and most extensive series, and the one that established Piranesi's reputation. Where much of his earlier work, namely the Grotteschi and the Carceri, was more fantastic in subject matter, these views were meant to be careful delineations of principal sites. As such, they became very sought after souvenirs for tourists in Rome. As examples of Piranesi's artistic prowess they are powerful renderings of great architectural and sculptural monuments. Piranesi's Roman views are unmistakable and unrivaled architectural prints.

From Le Antichita Romane.

Rome: G.B. Piranesi, 1756. Etchings.

Piranesi: Fianchi dell'Urna
"Uno de' Fianchi dell'Urna, . . ." One side of the urn . . . 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Center fold. Vol. II, plate 35. Excellent condition.$1,400

From Vedute di Roma.

Engravings. Very good to excellent condition unless noted otherwise.

Rome, 1757-78. Lifetime Roman Edition:

None currently available.

Posthumous Roman Edition, [1778]:

Pl 2 Frontispiece
Plate 2. [Frontispiece with statue of Minerva.] Hind 32, V. 19 5/8 x 25 1/8. Top and bottom margins 1"+; side margins 2 3/4"+. No watermark on heavy laid paper. Very good condition. $3,800

First Paris Edition, 1800-7.

Interior of Villa of Maecenas
"Altra veduta interna della Villa di Mecenate in Tivoli." Other interior view of the Villa di Mecenate in Tivoli. [The so-called villa of Mæcenas at Tivoli.] Hind: 84, I. 16 1/2 x 23 3/4. Signed, lower r. in scroll: Cavalier Piranesi inc. Etching. On laid paper, no watermark. Good margins, some skinning and chip in top center margin, else very good. $1,400
Piranesi: Hadrian's Villa, formerly the Temple of Apollo
"Avanzi del Tempio detto di Apollo nella Villa Adriana vicino a Tivoli." [Hadrian's Villa. Remains of the Smaller Palace (Formerly called the Temple of Apollo).] Hind: 85, II. 18 3/8 x 24 3/8. Narrow margins, fold at center. Overall very good condition. $1,200
Villa of Maecenas, Interior
"Veduta interna della Villa di Mecenate in Tivoli." Interior view of the Villa di Mecenate at Tivoli. [The so-called villa of Mæcenas at Tivoli.] Hind: 73, II. 16 7/8 x 23 3/4. Signed, lower l. margin: Piranesi F. Etching. On laid paper, no watermark. Wide margins. Strong impression. $1,400

Later Paris Edition, 1835-9 (Edition Firmin-Didot).

Interior of the Colosseum
"Veduta dell' interno dell' Anfiteatro Flavio detto il Colosseo." View of the interior of the Flavian Amphitheater called the Colosseum. Hind: 78, v. 18 x 27 3/8. Narrow margins. Lower right corner separated; expertly reattached. $900

Rome, Regia Calcografia Edition, 1870 +.

None currently available.

From Vasi, candelabri, cippi, sarcofagi, tripodi, lucerne, ed ornamenti antichi . . .

G.B. Piranesi, [1778]

First Paris edition. 1800-1809. Etchings.

Marble vase with frieze
"Vaso antico di marmo adornato di finissimi intagli ed arabeschi . . ." Marble urn with frieze of bucrania. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 914. Excellent condition.$450
Marble vase
"Vaso antico di marmo che si vede nel Museo Capitolino alto palmi . . ." Marble vase, side view. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 933. Excellent condition.$450
Curule chair front
"Prospetto della medesima Sedia Curule . . ." Front view of a curial chair. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 975. Excellent condition.$450 for the pair
Curule chair rear
"Prospetto della parte deretana della sudetta Sedia Curule . . ." Rear view of a curial chair. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 976. Excellent condition.$450 for the pair
Vase with putti and garlands
"Vaso antico di marmo . . ." Marble vase decorated with a frieze of putti and garlands. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 979. Excellent condition.$250
Marble tripod
"Aprosso il Cavr. Weddel in Inghilterra . . ." Marble tripod with snake on bowl and satyr heads on the legs. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 980. Excellent condition.$250
Marble altar
"Ara antica di marmo . . ." Marble altar decorated with friezes in relief and supported by chimeras at the base. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 982. Excellent condition.$250
Cinerary urn
"Urna Cineraria antica di marmo . . ." Cinerary urn supported on a bracket. 15 1/2 x 20 1/8. Wilton-Ely: 983. Excellent condition.$250

Francesco Piranesi.
From Antiquités de Pompeïa or Antiquités de la grande Grèce.

Paris: F. Piranesi, 1804-07. First edition. Double folio. Etching. Very good condition.

F Piranesi: Tomb inscriptions
"Inscriptions sépulchrales, et autres, trouvées dans les fabriques adjacentes à la Porte de la Ville de Pompeïa." [Epitaphs and other inscriptions found near the Gate to the City of Pompeii.] $650
F. Piranesi: Colosseum
"Veduta Interna del Colosseo." 18 1/8 x 26 7/8. $1,800


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