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Travel Maps of the Mid-West

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Colton Ohio
"Colton's Railroad & Township Map of the State of Ohio." New York: J.H. Colton & Co., 1852. 24 x 28. Lithograph. Original hand colored railroad lines. On bank note paper for folding; missing original binding. Very good condition.

Another mid-century map issued to satisfy the emigrants' need for maps of the mid-west. Typically the detail is comprehensive, especially of the railroads, which are indicated with hand color. Also included is an engraved image of the State Capitol in Columbus in the lower right. $675

J.C. Smith Midwest
J. Calvin Smith. "Guide Through Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, & Iowa." New York: J. H. Colton & Co., 1856. 21 x 25. Lithograph by S. Stiles, Sherman & Smith. Full original hand-color. Printed on banknote paper with folds as issued. Some minor breaks at folds. Overall, very good condition.

A striking, separately issued map of the midwest by John Calvin Smith, a New York surveyor and publisher who specialized in the area. This folding maps was intended for use especially by the myriad new emigrants to the nation's center who were arriving in large numbers in the middle nineteenth century. The map presents a highly detailed and accurate view of the region on the eve of the Civil War, an important time for the midwest. The states and territories of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa are shown with varying amounts of information, reflecting their different stages of development, from almost fully settled Ohio to the relative undeveloped Iowa and Minnesota. Information depicted includes towns, postal stations, rivers, lakes, roads, canals, railroads and townships; also indicated is the survey grid-work for the U. S. Survey underway at the time. In an insert in the top right corner contains census data from the 1850 national census. $750

J. Calvin Smith. “Guide Through Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, & Iowa.” New York: J. H. Colton & Co., 1856. 21 x 25. Lithograph by S. Stiles, Sherman & Smith. Full original hand-color. Issued in and accompanied here by Colton's Traveler and Tourist's Guide-Book. Printed on bank note paper with folds as issued. Some discoloration and staining, and tiny holes at folds. Overall, very good condition.

Another example of the map above, in not quite as good condition, but with the guide book in which it was issued. $675

Hill: Sectional Map of Minnesota  . . .
Alfred J. Hill. "Sectional Map of the Surveyed Portion of Minnesota and the North Western Part of Wisconsin." St. Paul: J.S. Sewall, 1869. Copyright, 1857. 32 3/4 x 24 7/8. Engraving by C.A. Swett, Boston. Original hand color. Full narrow margins. With some separation, wear and small holes at folds. With three stains at right. Overall, good condition. With original buckram covers.

This map, showing the entire state of Minnesota and part of northwestern Wisconsin, was issued within about a decade of Minnesota statehood. Sewall's map was the standard and best map of the region at this time of extensive development. Topographical information is excellent, with the extensive network of lakes and rivers well mapped. Counties are shown throughout the state, which is shown completely surveyed in the southern parts up to just past Mille Lacs. The northern parts are virtually unsettled and unsurveyed, though there is the beginning of development in places. In the developed areas, survey grids are indicated, along with settlements, both large and small, roads and railroads, Indian reservations and much else. An excellent item. This particular example of the map, which was issued over a number of years, was sold by D.D. Merrill, Randall & Co., of St. Paul. Their advertisement pasted into the front cover gives a date of June 1, 1869 and has the note that the map could be, "Sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of $1.25." $625

Ohio RR map
J.C. Morris. "Railroad Map of Ohio." Columbus, OH: State of Ohio, 1903. Credit reads, "Prepared under the direction of J.C. Morris." Printed by The Columbus Lithograph Co. 32 1/4 x 28. Backed on linen and folded into 32 sections as issued. Original art buckram covers. Very good condition.

An excellent map of the state showing lines of 36 major railroads and their subsidiaries as well as 50 electric or traction railroads. Topographical information is restricted to rivers and streams, but each county and township is depicted with major population centers. Canals, coal lands, and tunnels are marked by symbols, and the routes of steamships in Lake Erie are shown. The lovely symbolic title cartouche illustrates forms of transportation which include an early automobile and an engine named "Morris" to celebrate the commissioner of railroads and telegraphs who directed the production of this fine map. $275


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