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Antique Maps of Hawaii

Flag of Hawaii

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Sebastian Bernizet. "Carte des Parties des Iles Sandwich"/"Carte des Iles Sandwich." From Jean Francois de Galoup La Pérouse's Atlas de Voyage de la Pérouse. Paris, 1797. 26 3/4 x 19 1/2. Engraving. With some soft creases and small chip in neatline at top. Denver.

A lovely chain of islands in the mid-Pacific were discovered in 1778 by Captain James Cook. Cook named the islands the "Sandwich Islands" after his patron, the Earl of Sandwich, but over time their name returned to the indigenous name of "Hawaii." The expedition's cartographer, Henry Roberts, was able to map only a part of the chain, so Cook's map, the first of Hawaii, was incomplete, with much of the middle part of the island group unexplored. This was corrected a few years later by a French expedition under the Comte de La Pérouse. The French were inspired by their rivalry with the English to try to follow up Cook's expedition in the Pacific with one of their own under La Pérouse. He sailed with two ships and an extensive library, including the narrative of Cook, arriving in Hawaii in 1786. The expedition was able to explore some of the chain not visited by Cook and that is shown on the top map by Pérouse's cartographer Sebastian Bernizet. The lower map is a compilation by Bernizet of his own mapping with that from Cook's expedition. There were few 18th century maps of Hawaii based on first-hand observation and this is a fine example of such a chart. $1,200

Cram Hawaii
"Hawaii." Chicago: George F. Cram, 1900. 9 1/2 x 12 3/4. Cerograph. Very good condition. Denver.

A nicely detailed map of the new Hawaiian territory. The George Cram Company was an engraving and publishing firm from Chicago. In the mid-nineteenth century, the center of cartographic publishing was Philadelphia and New York City, but in the 1880s this began to shift towards Chicago with the advent of the Rand, McNally and Cram firms. These firms were noted for their efficient output of precise maps filled with useful and up-to-date political and cultural information, and details on roads, towns, and railroads. The firm specialized in railroad maps during this period, so naturally this map shows the one line on Oahu. Beautifully detailed with town names shown and topographical information. Large inset of Honolulu at bottom left. $175

Governor of Hawaii and Board of Indian Commissioners. Annual Reports of the Department of Interior for the Fiscal Year ended June 30, 1906. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1907. Octavo. Black cloth with faded gilt stamping on spine. 155 pages plus nine fold-out maps, some large. Strong binding, clean interior. Volume, very good condition. Maps are all in very good condition, though with some light transferring and minor wear along creases (including short tear at stress point of hinge for each map). Strong impressions with clear, bright color (except as noted). Lithographs. Denver.

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With detailed reports on the state of industry, agriculture, education, and the native population, the 1907 Annual Report to the Department of the Interior provides an intriguing glimpse of Hawaii's early years as an American territory. Recognized as a sovereign nation since 1826, Hawaii became an American holding in 1893 when the United States ambassador arranged the overthrow of the constitutional monarch, Queen Lili'uokalani. This event, and the formal annexation that followed in 1898, continue to spark controversy between native Hawaiians and the United States government and make the period documented in this book all the more fascinating. To page through this volume is to encounter the roots of native/federal tension as the government worked to integrate its new territory into national economic, financial, legislative, and educational systems. Nine brightly-colored, clear foldout maps (some of which were drawn before 1893) illustrate island topography, forestry preserves, and land use and support the text. Overall, a rich and fascinating document of the rocky intersection of Hawaiian and American histories. $850


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