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Antique Golfing Prints


I've played thirteen
A.B. Frost. "I've Played Thirteen!" From Harper's Weekly. New York, September 17, 1898. 13 x 19. Relief halftone. Very good condition.

Harper's Weekly was a New York based newspaper in the last half of the 19th and early 20th century. In weekly issues, Harper's presented a mixture of news stories, gossip, poetry, and most notably, wood-engraved illustrations. These pictures remain one of the best sources for lively, informative images of 19th-century America. With photographs in a primitive stage, and no television, it is through these illustrations that much of the country got its visual information about the events, personalities and places of the time. These illustrations are also one of the few sources we have today for these same things. Major artists were employed to do drawings on the spot, which were then turned into lively and detailed prints in an amazingly short period of time. While originally issued in large numbers, few have survived the ages in good condition. These are interesting, historical and very collectable prints. This view is by famous American sporting artist A.B. Frost and it is one of the most delightful nineteenth century golf prints. $375

Vanity Fair golfers

Horace Harold Hilton
Prints from Vanity Fair. 1890-1910. Chromlithographs. Images ca. 12 x 7. Very good condition, except as noted.

From January 30, 1869 until February 5, 1914, Vanity Fair, a weekly Society magazine of social, literary and political content, was published to the delight of Victorian and then Edwardian England. Most popular of its features were the wonderful full page caricatures of famous men and women of the day, prints that are Vanity Fair's great legacy. These were drawn by such popular artists as Spy (Leslie Ward) and Ape (Carlo Pellegrini), amongst others. With subjects ranging from the political to the religious, Americans to Asians, these prints remain one of the most popular of prints from that bygone era. By the 1890s, golf had become widely popular and considered a game for those in society to participate. Thus it was that a number of golfer prints appeared in the magazine; these are among the most desirable original antique golf prints.


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