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A selection of affordable reference books related to antique prints and maps.
These make perfect gifts for anyone interested in these topics.
Dictionary of Printmaking Terms
Rosemary Simmons. Dictionary of Printmaking Terms. Paper.
An essential source for all those interested in printmaking, containing descriptions of printmaking terms and equipment, information on the techniques and materials resulting from new health and safety regulations, foreign terms and chemical formulae, and line drawings illustrating the text. $12.00
How to Identify Prints
Bamber Gascoigne. How to Identify Prints. Paper.
This comprehensive guide begins with a general survey, shows how prints look under magnification, and tells how they were made. $34.95
A to Z of Antique Prints and Maps
Donald H. Cresswell and Christopher W. Lane with Carolyn R. Cades. The A to Z of Antique Prints & Maps. Paper.
An fun glossary with information on collecting, research, storage, related periodicals, conservation and framing, among others topics. $8.00
Portrait of a Nation
Alexandra Bonfante-Warren. Currier & Ives: Portraits of a Nation. Cloth.
A general reference book on Currier & Ives. Gives a history of the firm and a discussion on the types of prints issued. With over 100 color illustrations. $19.95
Currier and Ives New Best 50
Currier & Ives - The New Best 50. Cloth.
Color illustrations of 100 prints--the large and small Best 50 selections by a jury. With an essay "Comparison of the Original and New Best 50 Currier & Ives" by Christopher W. Lane. $30.00
Guide to collecting Currier and Ives
Christopher W. Lane with D. H. Cresswell and C. Cades. A Guide to Collecting Currier & Ives. Paper.
A brief, but informative guide to understanding, identifying, and authenticating Currier & Ives prints. $ 8.00
Fries:The Double Elephant Folio
Waldemar H. Fries. The Double Elephant Folio: The Story of Audubon's Birds of America. Cloth.
This book provides a wealth of information on the Birds of America including the names of subscribers and details regarding sets that were broken up or destroyed. $84.95
Art of Bird Illustration
Maureen Lambourne. The Art of Bird Illustration. Paper.
A fine history of the art and its practitioners from ancient Egypt to the 20th century, with attractive, generous-sized illustrations. $25.95
The Art of the Garden

Denise DeLaurentis & Hollie Powers Holt. The Art of The Garden: Collecting Antique Botanical Prints Cloth.
Illustrated with over 300 full-color images, this gorgeous book documents the magnificent botanical prints of the 17th through the turn of the 20th Centuries. $79.95
Handbook of Audubon Prints
Lois Bannon & Taylor Clark. Handbook of Audubon Prints. Cloth.
A basic primer on prints by John James Audubon. $17.95
Cities on Stone
John W. Reps. Cities on Stone. Nineteenth Century Lithograph Images of the Urban West. Cloth.

Attractive Amon Carter Museum exhibition catalogue, complete with color plates and a fine introductory essay. $35.00

Moreland and Bannister: Antique Maps
Carl Moreland & David Bannister. Antique Maps. A Collector's Handbook. Paper
A most useful reference for the beginner or sophisticated collector Includes: general introduction, biographical listing of cartographers, and interesting short articles on collecting. $24.95
This Land Is Your Land
Seymour I. Schwartz. This Land is Your Land. The Geographic Evolution of the United States. Cloth.
A narrative history of the exploration, settlement and expansion of the United States, plentifully illustrated with maps, prints, and photographs. $75.00
Drawing the Line
Mark Monmonier. Drawing the Line. Tales of Maps and Cartocontroversy. Cloth.
An intriguing commentary on the political, social, and economic impact of maps. $27.50
Philadelphia: A 300 Year History
Russell F. Weigley (ed.) Philadelphia, A 300-Year History. Cloth.
A readable, yet scholarly history of the City of Brotherly Love. Uses old prints and maps well. $35.00
Brich's Views of Philadelphia
S. Robert Teitelman. Birch's Views of Philadelphia. Cloth.
A reduced facsimile of William Russell Birch's The City of Philadelphia. The engravings are reproduced in full color, with accompanying photographs of the sites as they appeared in 1960 and in 2000. $45.00
Prints of Philadelphia
Christopher W. Lane and Donald H. Cresswell. Prints of Philadelphia.
A catalogue listing an extensive collection of prints of Philadelphia from the 18th century through the 1930's. $18.00

Linda C. Hults. The Print in the Western World. An Introductory History. Cloth.
A comprehensive survey of Western printmaking from the 15th century to the present day. This volume includes detailed examinations of the artists and methods of each period. Generously illustrated and including a glossary of printmaking terms. $75.00
Roadshow Primer
Carol Prisant. Antiques Roadshow Primer: The Introductory Guide to Antiques and Collectibles from the Most-Watched Series on PBS. Paper.
An overview reference with timelines for styles and periods, and many illustrations. Includes glossary of related terms and lists of auction houses and appraisers affiliated with the show. $19.95
Along the Wissahickon Creek
Andrew Mark Herman. Along the Wissahickon Creek. Paper.
A delightful journey through time in the Wissahickon valley via picture postcards of the 19th and 20th centuries. $19.99
Judith Callard. Germantown, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill. Paper.
Photographs of historic sites, organizations, and individuals from the archives of the Germantown Historical Society, with descriptive captions. $21.99
Chestnut Hill
Thomas H. Keels and Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis. Chestnut Hill. Paper.
Photographs of historic sites, organizations and individuals from the archives of the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, with descriptive captions. $21.99
Chestnut Hill Revisited Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis for the Chestnut Hill Historical Society. Chestnut Hill Revisited. Paper.
More photographs of historic sites, organizations and individuals from the archives of the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, with descriptive captions. $21.99

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