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George Catlin Reference CD-ROM set


George Catlin: The Printed Works, Revised edition

Frontispiece (from 75 dpi scan) The Philadelphia Print Shop is delighted to be able to offer this superb CD-ROM set of the principal printed works of George Catlin.  Produced by the University of Cincinnati Digital Press, this unique, two volume set is a research tool providing medium and high resolution images individually catalogued in a searchable database.  Images are linked to the complete texts and a map of image sites.  There is a comprehensive index to the texts and an extensive Catlin bibliography with links to World Wide Web sites.

George Catlin traveled the North American continent from 1830-1838 to chronicle the people, customs and traditions of Native American tribes.  His life's ambition was to record Native American culture before it disappeared.  His adventures resulted in over 600 portraits and scenes of rituals, hunting and daily life of over fifty North American tribes.

System Requirements:
  • Windows 95 or NT
  • 16 mb RAM (32 mb RAM recommended)
  • Video Card with min. 4 mb Memory
  • 1024 (24 bit) Video Display Capability
  • 20"-21" Monitor (Recommended)
  • 40 mb of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive (8x or faster recommended)
  • Internet connection

Available by Special Order Only: Price $499 for 2 CD-ROMs


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