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Audubon quadrupeds
John James Audubon. 1845-48.

Audubon's magnificent series of American quadrupeds. Imperial folio. $650-$28,000.

Audubon quadrupeds
John James Audubon. 1849.

The reduced version of Audubon's animal prints. Royal octavo. $60-$675.

Christian Knowledge
Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. 1845-47.

Unusual images from a British work. Quarto. $125 to $270.

Charles Catton
Charles Catton. [1788] - 1825

Lovely aquatints drawn "from nature." Small folio. $150 to $250.

J.L. Buchner
J.L. Büchner. ca. 1830.

Lithographs of mammals published in Germany. Quarto. $175 to $325.

Thomas Doughty. 1830-32.

Unusual images from an early American sporting work. Quarto. $175 to $300.

Animal prints, priced for gift-giving

Chromolithographs from the 19th century. Quarto. $45 to $50.

David Low
David Low. 1842

Hand colored lithographs of British domestic animals. Folio. $450 to $600.

Thomas Pennant. 1766.

From The British Zoology. Folio engravings with original hand color. $300 to $750

John Frederick Miller. 1822.

From Cimelia Physica. Figures of Rare and Curious Quadrupeds, Birds, &c. . .. Folio engravings with original hand color. $250 to $650


Various images of dogs of different breeds. $150 to $650.

Jardine Mammals

A selection of interesting prints of various animals


Selection of interesting prints

Jardine Mammals
William H. Lizars. Mammals advertising poster Created for publication along with Sir William Jardine's The Naturalist's Library. Edinburgh: W.H. Lizars, 1833-45. Full sheet ca. 22 x 16 1/5. Etchings by W.H. Lizars. Original hand color. Sheet somewhat browned and brittle, with some chipping in corners. Overall, good color, attractive appearance and good condition.

An unusual poster of eleven mammals intended to advertise the publication of William Jardine's famous The Naturalist's Library. This was a popular scientific account first issued in 40 volumes between 1833 and 1845, and intended to describe and illustrate all vertebrate species. The prints in the Library were finely etched and published by William H. Lizars, a leading engraver from Edinburgh, well known as the engraver for the first five plates in Audubon's Birds of America. This poster contains a collage of images taken from the original books and is crowned with a title that reads "Leaves from the Book of Nature." At the bottom is the text: "For Full Description Vide The Naturalist's Library. Published by W.H. Lizars Edinburgh. S. Highley London. & W. Curry Junr. & Co. Dublin. And sold by all Book & Print Sellers." $165

Landseer: Wild Deer at Chillingham
Thomas Landseer (1795-1880). "Wild Deer at Chillingham." London: Henry Graves, 1869. 27 x 18 1/2 (image). Engraving. Very good condition.

A striking animal portrait by Thomas Landseer. Landseer first received instruction in engraving from his father and then studied under Benjamin Robert Haydon. Landseer became one of the most gifted and innovative engravers of his generation, being particularly adept in the use of textural etching. This type of rendering was wonderfully suited for reproducing the works of his brother Edwin's paintings. $750


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